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Compliance as a Service

FinClusive’s Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is an automated and full-stack financial crimes compliance (FCC) solution in one workflow designed for traditional banks and modern financial technologies, virtual asset services, and web-based financial applications.

CaaS Gateway

FinClusive provides a compliant gateway for organizations to create and manage accounts and facilitate the movement of funds globally between traditional and virtual asset rails - securely and transparently.

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One Integrated Embedded Compliance Platform Designed for Inclusion

A Global Compliance, Digital Identity & Payments Platform for a New Era of Financial Services

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Full-stack financial crimes compliance (FCC) - built for traditional banks, nonbanks, fintechs, VASPs and decentralized financial (Defi) applications

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Multi-form Payments / Transfers

On/off ramp between virtual assets and USD fiat to enable transactions across traditional rails (ACH/SWIFT) and multiple blockchain networks

Access to US Bank Accounts

Store value in insured accounts with FinClusive’s partner banks – FBO and bank programs (for your organization, clients & partners)

FinCID/Compliance Credentials

Enable digitally verifiable Identity credentials backed by comprehensive KYC/KYB; instant verification with essential privacy protections.

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Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs)

Leverage FinClusive as one of the only certified issuers and validators of Legal Entity Identifiers globally.

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FinClusive Rulebook

Build a comprehensive and modernized FCC policy framework using a sector-driven dynamic, global-standards Rulebook.

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Global Compliance Coverage

KYC/KYB | Legal Entity Verification


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